SASSA Payment Increase July 2024: What to Expect and How Much You will get?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a crucial role in the lives of many South Africans, providing various monthly payments to qualified individuals. This article delves into the expected increase in SASSA payments for 2024 and provides a comprehensive overview of the different grants offered by SASSA.

SASSA Payment Increase July 2024: What to Expect and How Much You will get?

SASSA Payment Increase July 2024

The monthly payments of SASSA grants vary, each serving a specific purpose and having different eligibility requirements. Here’s a detailed look at each grant:

Current Payment
Older Person’s Grant
For citizens aged 60 and older
Must not earn more than R86280 (Single) or R172 560 (Married)
R2090 per month (R2110 if older than 75 years)
Grant in Aid
Additional grant for those who cannot look after themselves
Must be receiving a disability grant, an older person’s grant or a war veteran’s grant
R510 per month
Child Support Grant
Financial assistance to raise a child
Recipient child must be younger than 18 years of age
R510 per month (per child)
War Veteran’s Grant
For former soldiers who cannot support themselves
Must be aged 60 or more or be disabled
R2110 per month
Social Relief of Distress
Temporary assistance for those in most need of financial assistance
Can apply if they cannot meet the eligibility for the other grants administered by the SASSA
R350 per month
Care Dependency Grant
For the care of a severely disabled child requiring special and full-time care
The child and the caregiver must be living in South Africa
R2090 per month

The government will provide information in due course on how much SASSA will increase the payment of these grants in 2024. Stay tuned for updates.

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SASSA Payment Increase

SASSA plays a crucial role in the lives of many South Africans, especially those who rely on social grants for their livelihood. The agency provides various monthly payments to qualified individuals, and any increase in these grants significantly enhances what individuals can receive.

Recently, SASSA announced an increase in some of the grants for the upcoming year, 2024. This increase is expected to provide much-needed relief to the beneficiaries and improve their living conditions.

Different Types of SASSA Payments

Here’s a simple explanation of each grant:

Money for Old People

This money is for people 60 years or older. They get R2090 every month. If they are older than 75, they get R2110 every month. But they should not earn more than R86280 (if single) or R172 560 (if married).

Grant in Aid

This is extra money for people who get a social grant but cannot care for themselves. This money is used to pay the person who takes care of them. They can get up to R510 every month.

Money for Child Support

This money helps people who need money to raise a child. The child should be less than 18 years old. They can get up to R510 every month for each child.

Money for War Veterans

This money is for old soldiers who fought in the Korean War or the 2nd World War and cannot care for themselves. They can get up to R2110 every month.

Social Relief of Distress

This is temporary money for people who really need money for their basic needs. They can get R350 every month.

Care Dependency Grant

This money is for taking care of a child with a severe disability who needs special and full-time care. The child and the person caring for the child should live in South Africa. They can get R2090 every month.

The government will tell how much more SASSA will give for these grants in 2024. So, keep an eye out for updates.

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