Australia Aged Pension Increase Notification 2024, New Aged Pension Plan, How to Apply

The Australian government has recently announced significant changes to the Aged Pension Plan, a program designed to provide financial support to the country’s senior citizens. This article provides a detailed overview of these changes and how they will impact the beneficiaries.

Australia Aged Pension Increase Notification 2024, New Aged Pension Plan, How to Apply

Australia Aged Pension Increase Notification 2024

The Aged Pension Plan started in 1909. It was made to help older people in Australia who don’t have enough money. The government gives these people some money to help them live comfortably. In 2024, the government decided to give more money to these people because the cost of living in Australia has gone up.

Here are some important details about the plan:

Services Australia
Benefit Name
Aged Pension Program/Plan
$32.70 per fortnight
Increment Month
September 2024
Government Aid
Official Website

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What’s New in the Aged Pension Plan 2024?

The Aged Pension Plan is checked and updated every year, usually in March and September. In 2023, the government gave each person an extra $32.70.

But not everyone gets this money. The government checks how much money and things (like houses or cars) a person has. They also check if a person is a man or a woman because the rules differ.

What Will Happen in the Future?

The next update to the Aged Pension Plan will be in 2024. The government will decide how much money to give based on how much things cost in Australia. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Men will get more money every week.
  • In September 2023, people living alone got an extra $32.70 every two weeks.
  • Couples living together got an extra $24.70 every two weeks.
  • Only men who are 65 years or older and women who are 60 years or older will get this money.

How Will This Help People?

Retirement can be hard for people who don’t have a lot of money. The Aged Pension increase in 2024 will help both single people and couples.

People who live together can get the same amount of money as a single person if they decide to do their taxes separately. If not, they will get money together.

For Single People

A single person will get money from the government. This includes the most money they can get at first, extra money, and money for energy.

They will get 1096.7 AUD every two weeks, up to 28,514 AUD annually.

For Couples

Couples will get money together, but everyone will have their expenses. Each person will get 804 AUD every two weeks and 21,494 AUD annually. Together, couples will get 42,988 AUD every year.

How to Apply for the Australian Aged Pension Increase

People in Australia who want this money need to follow some rules. They must live in Australia and have lived there for the last ten years. Here’s how to apply:

  • Go to the official website –
  • Make a MyGov account and connect it with Services Australia.
  • Choose if you’re applying as a single person or a couple.
  • Fill in your details, like when and where you live.
  • Attach all the documents they ask for.
  • Check everything and then send your application to the government.

By understanding these changes and how to apply them, people can ensure they get the help they need when they retire.

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