$750 OAS Payment 2024 For Seniors; Check July Payment Dates, Benefits & How to Claim

The exciting announcement that seniors will be granted $750 in Old Age Security (OAS) benefits in July has stirred up a wave of anticipation among Canada’s older population. They are keenly looking forward to these benefits. This article provides an in-depth look at the OAS benefits, the criteria for eligibility, and the process to claim these benefits.

S$750 OAS Payment 2024 For Seniors; Check July Payment Dates, Benefits & How to Claim

$750 OAS Payment 2024 For Seniors

Canada’s older citizens are poised to receive the OAS amount soon. This standard pension plan is extended to those who qualify. The $750 OAS benefits in July will correspond with the Canada Pension Plan amount.

As the cost of living in Canada continues to rise, citizens, particularly seniors, need financial resources to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The OAS will provide significant financial support for seniors in managing their expenses and covering necessary costs.

In 2023, the increase for OAS beneficiaries was 1.3%, which has now escalated to 3.7%. This is attributed to the rise in food prices and other essential commodities. The Canadian Government also offers energy or heating bill rebates to help seniors offset the cost of living expenses. This greatly benefits the country’s retirees.

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Payment Dates

The clawback limit for individuals between 65 and 74 years old is $142,609, and for those 75 and older, it’s $148,179. This change is in line with the 3.7% increase in the OAS this year. The government has modified the amount based on the CPI-W, acknowledging that if the same amount continued to be provided to the recipients, they would not be able to meet their monthly expenses.

The transfer of CAD784.67 to the beneficiaries will occur by February 10, 2024. Should there be any delays in the delivery of the benefits, the authorities will ensure that the process is expedited.

Eligibility for the OAS Payments

Citizens at the standard retirement age must verify their eligibility for OAS Payments. The eligibility criteria include:

  • Citizens must be at least 65 years old.
  • They must be legal inhabitants of the country and should have lived there since they were 18.
  • Citizens who contributed at least one CPP contribution during their working years are eligible for the $750 OAS Benefits.
  • Immigrants are eligible if they have resided in the country for over a decade.
  • Seniors must pay their taxes.
  • Citizens with overdue tax payments must pay them immediately, including any penalties. To prevent falling into debt, they should contact the CRA. They can log into their My CRA Account to get information about their taxes.

How to Claim the Old Age Security Amount 2024?

Because of rising inflation and living expenses, numerous elderly individuals in Canada have opted to engage in freelance work on a part-time basis. Despite receiving the OAS, there are times when the amount is not enough. Individuals who are 64 years old should submit an application for the OAS, so they can begin receiving payments once they turn 65.

You need to create an account on the My CRA Account with all the required information. The most recent updates are available on the portal. The great thing is that you don’t need any specific technical expertise to log in. You just have to input your login details to access the information.


The Old Age Security, the Canada Pension Plan, and the Guaranteed Income Supplement are important retirement plans that assist elderly individuals in handling their day-to-day expenses. These plans enable seniors to be self-sufficient and not rely solely on their family members. However, the circumstances change when a senior experiences a disability.

In these situations, a caregiver or a family member helps the elderly person with their everyday activities. If the caregiver is providing full-time care to someone, they can request an allowance. This detailed manual will assist seniors in comprehending the OAS benefits and the process for claiming them. This is an important measure in guaranteeing a stable and comfortable retirement for elderly individuals in Canada.

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